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  • Website Development

    Web development is more comprehensive than that and includes developing applications to help make your website more interactive.


  • Advanced Web Applications

    Phoenix Quality Management (P) Ltd. custom web mobile application development expertise guarantees engaging applications that offer real business benefits.


  • Custom eCommerce

    Usable, Customer Driven, Highly Functional, Professional and 100% customized eCommerce Solutions Phoenix Quality Management (P)Ltd. offers you all these and more.


  • Premium Web Design & CMS

    Looking for the finest website design and CMS services founded on proven expertise? Phoenix Quality Management (P) Ltd. offers solutions that empower businesses to experience strategic growth.

    Premium Web
    Design & CMS

Phoenix Quality Management (P) Ltd. Success Driven Website Design and Web Applications Development Company

What is Black Hat SEO?

In it's simplest form it is the practise of fooling a search engine to rank you at the top of their results for certain keywords when you may not deserve to be there. There are a number of techniques that can be employed to get you high up in the rankings, but it is important to remember that if you do it wrong you get the opposite and even see yourself disappearing from the rankings altogether.

Examples of Black Hat SEO tactics

Keyword Stuffing This is the process of putting your keywords into the text on your page over and over again to the point where it may be unreadable. A good example of keyword stuffing can be seen in this amusing article on the Dark Side of SEO. Google and other search engines are getting very good at detecting keyword stuffing now and if detected it is likely you will get a penalty.

Cloaking this is the process of setting your website up so that the search engine sees a different page to the      user. Usually the page that is shown to the search engine is stuffed with the relevant keywords. This is not liked at      all by the major search engines and many of them have developed programs to detect this kind of action.

Hidden Text this is the process of stuffing your keyword into your webpage but making the text the same colour as the background so that the user cannot see it but search engines can read it. Search engines are very good at detecting this so the Black Hat SEO guys have moved on to using cascading style sheets, just as bad and can still get you penalised.

Doorway Pages these are pages that have been optimized to appear high in the rankings and are not relevant to your site. Once the user lands on them they will redirect you to the website.

Duplicate Content This is the process of having several websites or webpages with essentially the same content on. Search engines regularly check whether content is being replicated and will penalise a site if it contains duplicate content. The problem is that search engines do not know if your site was the first to have the content or not. Check your content is not being used by someone else.

Link Farms his is the process of having multiple websites and linking them all up to each other for no reason other than to increase PageRank. Google checks the relevance of links so this will usually only result in your site being penalised.

What's Different about Us?

  • We provide Lowest Prices Guarantee when compared with only genuine private limited companies in india for our web
  • We provide Satisfaction-Money Back Guarantee for all of our website design and development services, if not satisfied
    with our services we will return the full payment.
  • We provide genuine knowledge based on facts and figures to our customers. We never mislead our customers and provide
    freeconsultation for SEO.
  • We believe that building a beautiful site shouldn't be skin deep. Our work starts with listening. We listen to our customers
    and try to understand the business.

  • About Phoenix Quality Management Pvt Ltd:

    Phoenix Quality Management Pvt Ltd is a leading website designing company specialises in web design, web development,
    web hosting, search engine optimisation and Ecommerce Solutions. We are a design consultancy that focuses on the user
    experience. Whether you are building a brand from scratch or improving an existing website design; the dedicated team of web
    , web developers, copywriters and internet marketers provide unparalleled quality and expertise to your project.

    Phoenix Quality Management Pvt Ltd
    Janakpuri New Delhi, Delhi 110058 IN
    Phone: 9899697368 Website: https://www.pqmpl.com

    "We appreciate the services provided by Phoenix Quality Management (P).Ltd., Delhi towards website designing for our new company. We also appreciate their patience and innovative help to design all the web pages and to make subsequent corrections as per our needs."

    "Arun Kapoor"

    "Thanks to Phoenix Quality Management (P).Ltd. for our website development, Its been well designed and well executed, with all our requirements."

    "Montek Singh"

    "I really like Phoenix Quality Management (P).Ltd.'s Team Dedication, Commitment & Support provided towards our web development. Phoenix Quality Management (P).Ltd. team I really appreciate & thankyou for web designing."

    "Fateh Ali Khan"

    “I used Phoenix Quality Management (P).Ltd.'s services for my wesite designing and they were always very professional and creative. I would highly recommend this company for its lowest prices, service and integrity.”

    "Vikram Singh"

    “Phoenix Quality Management (P).Ltd. did a fabulous job of guiding me through the process of creating, launching and promoting my website. Their knowledge shared not only via phone, email were all very useful. I continue to use their website development services.”

    "Rohit Kumar"

    "Phoenix Quality Management (P).Ltd. came into my web world and rocked it! I love my new website. I have had more people join than ever before and they let me put as many airbrushed photos of myself on there as I wanted. They can do anything!."

    "Sharad Paliwal"

    "I am very happy with the Phoenix Quality Management (P).Ltd. They did a very attractive website development and helped me to change the new look and feel of my website. The e-commerce integration for online ticketing was very easy and user friendly which was done by Phoenix Quality Management (P).Ltd. I will strongly recommend their services for all web technology related work as one stop shop for all requirements. best regards."

    "Gurudeep Singh"
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